Who killed Ondalla Eradalla?

Who is to be Blamed here? Film makers, Digital Providers or the entire Sandalwood?

D Satya Prakash’s Ondalla Eradalla got released this week and suddenly the shows of the film were cancelled at many Cinemas. The producers blamed the Digital Providers and online ticket partners for disorganization of not providing the screening to Theater Owners and the low ratings as well.

The latest what we hear is producer S Umapathy is proceeding with the Legal Action against the Digital Film providers and Online ticketing partners in the consumer court.

Film Journalist Karthik Nayaka from Mysuru posted in anger on his Facebook Handle “Thanks to those proud ‘Non Kannada film’ lovers who are the real reason for this ‘Sad state of affairs’. It’s because of you that we are not getting enough screens for films like ‘Ondalla Eradalla’. I also want to thank those ‘Pseudo film buffs’ who are busy posting lengthy posts to save ‘Kannada Films’ but not making any attempt to watch new Kannada films. I also want to thank these digital cinema distributors like ‘UFO’ who are so careless about Kannada films and for all the trouble you gave to ‘Ondalla Eradalla’ on the first day of its release”.

If we think little closely and analyze about the whole issue, are we seriously sure by blaming Non Kannada Film lovers or Digital Providers will solve this issue? Have we noticed the recent rows of Kannada Films these days? Every Friday, we get to see minimum seven to eight Kannada films releasing. Where exactly are we taking Sandalwood to?

Yes, Ondalla Eradalla is a wonderful film and a wonderful film must not get killed at any cost. But a more mature discussion is needed here. KFCC must take a strict step towards release of films per week. Let us ‘Not’ gain brownie points by just blaming others and writing an angry post on social media.

As far as my point of view is concerned, as a parent if i am blessed with seven children every week, how do you expect me to be perfect to all those seven children?


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