Sharan looks ‘Hot’ as a woman in Victory 2

Sharan and Ravi Shankar donned the women avatar, they both look Hot and they both nailed it.

Sharan who is still very happy with the success of Raambo 2 comes up with Victory sequel titled Viictory 2. And going by the latest circulated pictures on social media where Sharan and Ravi Shankar donned the women avatar, they both nailed it.

With the teaser being released, the film directed by Hari Santhosh has a lot of surprise in store. The teaser reveals a glimpse of not only Sharan, but also Ravi Shankar dressed up as women at the end tail it. The teaser also show Sadhu Kokila doing a Singham spoof.

Sharan had already experienced this transformation of a woman in Jai Lalitha, this will be Ravi Shankar’s first attempt in Viictory 2. The very excited Sharan today tweeted “It was an wonderful experience being a woman for the second time for the film Viictory 2”.

Viictory 2 has Asmita Sood and Apoorva as the female leads and it’s been Produced by Tarun Shivappa, the film’s music is by Arjun Janya and cinematography by Guru Prashanth Rai.

Enjoy the Official Teaser of the movie here which has written ‘Blockbuster’ all over it!


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