Only Foreigners make great films on India: Anupam Kher.

Hotel Mumbai is the 501st film of his career, Anupam Kher thanked Anthony ‘director’ for the movie

At the press conference, Anupam Kher revealed that Hotel Mumbai is the 501st film of his career. As he was congratulated by the cast, the veteran actor said even his mother asked him for the first time as to how he did so many films.

“Hotel Mumbai” is debut feature film of an Australian Director Anthony Maras based on the September 2008 terror attacks, It was movie premiered at the on-going Toronto International Film Festival on September 7.

Kher said: “This is fascinating that the film ‘Gandhi’ was also made by a foreigner. Now this (‘Hotel Mumbai’) film has also been made by a foreigner. Thank you, Anthony, for making this movie. This film is a tribute to everybody who has lost a dear one anywhere in the world.”

Without naming the person, Kher said: “Somebody had made a film on it (Mumbai terror attacks), but it was atrocious. That person wanted to cash in on the tragedy.” But Anthony’s “Hotel Mumbai” “humanizes'” the tragedy that Mumbai went through 10 years ago, the actor added. “The Taj Palace Hotel is not just another hotel. It is an icon and its owner — the Tata’s — is a respectable name not just in India but also around the world,” he said.


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