Kendall jenner flashes her ‘Titts’.

Kendall jenner sexiest look in Longchamp’s 70th anniversary party.

Kendall showed up to Longchamp’s 70th anniversary party in a floor-length sheer dress that showed more skin than it covered up with a black horse pattern. Although she paired it with high-waisted black underwear, she went braless up top and flashed both nipples — and with her hair pulled back, she sure wasn’t trying to hide them either! Kendall, who was the guest of honor, looked incredible, pairing the daring dress with boots and a red lip. TBH, we can’t think of anyone who could have pulled this off better than she did.

As if a sheer gown wasn’t enough of a statement by itself, the gown’s neckline plunged deep — almost to her belly button! She sported the same look at the Longchamp show this week, wearing a purple suede dress with a neckline that dropped deep, but was laced up with ribbon. And the model isn’t the only one who has been rocking risky nicklines lately.


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