Here’s Why Salman Khan Is Not Doing Dhoom 4

The Dhoom franchise today has some of the biggest names in the film industry.  However, it is still missing that one name that has been a box office darling since a long time – Salman Khan.While Aamir Khan played a negative role in Dhoom 3, there was a rumor that Salman would do the same in Dhoom 4.

However, Salman has now said that he will not work in Dhoom 4 and the reason’s as endearing as anything.  Salman has said that he doesn’t want to work in Dhoom 4 because he doesn’t want to play the villain’s role. We had earlier told you that Salman doesn’t want to do a villain’s role because he thinks that the entire audience will try to  do the same things that a villain does in the film.

While this reason seems trivial,  the aspect of fans cloning what Salman does in real life doesn’t seem too out of the ordinary.  Other actors like Shah Rukh Khan, Naseeruddin Shah have played negative characters,and those roles have given both of them a shot in the arm.


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