Game Over: Taapsee Pannu to play a physically challenged, there’s an uninvited guest at her home.

The teaser for Taapse Pannu starrer “Game Over” has been unveiled by the makers today. In minute-long teaser, which mostly unfolds inside a house, looks chilling and intriguing. Taapsee Pannu plays a wheelchair-bound gamer combating a mysterious identity.

The teaser features the text “We all have two lives; the second one starts when we realize we only have one”. It indicates that the film is shrouded in mystery and a lot of questions will be answered when the film releases on June 14 in Tamil, Telugu and Hindi.

This film proves yet again that the quality of film making from the South is just outstanding and it’s great to see how Ashwin Saravanan the director has pushed the boundaries and has made a genre-bending film, something that we all have never seen before”. Game Over will be released along with a dubbed Hindi version on June 14. Saravanan has previously written and directed the Nayanthara-starrer horror film Maya (2015).


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