Film making is high stress Business: Mahesh Bhatt

Bhatt stated surviving in the showbiz is not everyone's cup of tea. it needs to be constantly validated in Bollywood affecting artistes

The director was speaking at the trailer launch of Dark side of Life: Mumbai City, he said “No one has been saved by this and this is the entertainment industry’s specialty. That’s the way it has been and it’ll remain so. Very few can sustain this, others leave and run away,”

He will be making his acting debut in this movie. Bhatt says the constant urge to get validation for one’s work could be terrifying. “It [films] is a high-stress business and that’s why, not many can do it. That’s why you have people prone to substance abuse and mood swings. You have a tendency to gravitate towards depression because you are dependent continuously,”

“When you show a trailer, you constantly wonder if there will be claps. It takes a lot of courage to be on the center stage and hope that people will shower compliments on you”.

He also opened about his daughter Shaheen who was suffering from clinical depression at 16. She also came to a point of considering suicide at the age of 12-13, which happened at home. Even in our industry, a girl gave away her life. She came to us for work once, but we couldn’t work together. I still remember seeing her body, the one who came here to work,”

Dark Side Of Life: Mumbai City, directed by Tariq Khan, also stars KK Menon, Nikhil Ratnaparkhi, Avi Parsdasani and is scheduled to release on October 19.


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