Big Boss Season 12

Big Boss 12, Day 63: In “weekend ka vaar”Jasleen and Shrishty to fight in Sultani akhada!

Farah Khan says Sreesanth, Deepak and Dipika are the top 3 contestants in the Bigg Boss.

In today’s episode of “Weekend Ka Vaar” Salman Khan welcomes the guest Farah Khan on the show. Farah Khan says that she is big fan of Bigg Boss since beginning. Farah Khan shows the videos she has brought for Dipika saying that she has become ‘Meenakumari’ from inside.

Depak, Sreesanth, Dipika, Jasleen, Shrishty and Rohit are nominated. Salman asks them all about their guessing about the contestant who will be eliminated. Jasleen gets eliminated this week. She starts packing the bags. Later Salman again says that Shrishty has been eliminated as there was some problem in counting the votes. But later Salman says that he is kidding as no one is getting eliminated as Shivashish has been already eliminated.

Salman says that Megha has has won the Marathi season so she is relaxing. Later Farah says that Deepak gets active when it comes to fighting. She says that Sreesanth is the pillar of Bigg Boss. She also shows Sreesant anger’s video, about his adamant behavior. Farah says that Sreesanth changes saying that he changes if he abuses someone and takes it on himself. Salman asks Farah about top 3 contestants so she says that Sreesanth, Deepak and Dipika are the top 3 contestants. Salman teases Farah about her look as they are same in age.

Shrishty tries to apologize to Dipika for commenting on her husband. She asks Romil for talking about her personal relation of her husband. Romil tries to explain his side. But Dipika loses her temper which she had never so far as they commented on her husband and her relation. She scolds Romil for comparing her husband and her brother. She says that she is proud that Sreesanth is her brother. She screams out of anger a lot. But Romil also doesn’t apologize to her even then.


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