Abhishek Chaubey Is A Democratic Dictator Says Ashutosh Rana

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Talking about working with Udta Punjab famed Abhishek Chaubey, veteran actor Ashutosh Rana said, “Abhishek Chaubey is a well-prepared filmmaker; his actors don’t need to prepare for anything. If the actor’s just executed the preparations the filmmaker has done, like labor, and doesn’t add their shenanigans, you would be able to build a good structure. So like labor I followed Abhishek, I paid attention to what’s he saying and what he wants, and I would do exactly the same”

“You can actually call Abhishek Chaubey a democratic dictator, he is someone whose face value is quite democratic but inside he is a dictator, you feel you have all the freedom but actually after sometime you realize the otherwise”

Aushtosh Rana is noted for his negative characters on-screen, giving him a “cult” actor status, but the actor believe the contrary is true.

He said, “The actor is never a cult, his characters are cult, and you feel blessed if some cult characters fall into your lap and I am truly grateful that after such a long time I got a cult character to play”

Further adding Ashutosh said he plays his negative characters with positive attitude, hence the popularity. He said, “There are some people who perform negative characters with a lot of positive attitude, so I am one among them.”

Aushtosh is often praised for his impeccable diction and die-hard love for the Hindi language, which often intimidate others.

Talking about his love for the language, he said, “Hindi is the language of my dream, near and dear ones and it is my country’s language as well, and it is also the language of our profession. So Hindi is my necessity and habit, so why should be anyone scared about it”

The film presents a rooted tale set in Chambal, slated for 1st March release.

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